Press Wood Pallet

Press Wood Pallet: innovative, convenient and environmentally friendly

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- The best Manufacturing Technique (Enough Strength and Consistent Supply)
- No Need of Heat Treatment & Fumigation (Comply with ISPM15)
- Space Saving up to 70% (Saving logistics and warehoue costs)

These environmentally friendly pallets feature optimal convenience

Made from wood by products and recycled materials, they can save you up to 70% in loading space.

Competitive pricing, astounding functionality

With these pallets, you can realize savings of 40% or more compared to wooden pallets--and their prices are unlikely to change, since they are made from 100% recycled raw materials. When packaged in a regular format, they can be loaded in multiple layers. In addition, their high maximum static load rating allows for the easy storage and transportation of heavily loaded items.

Quarantine-free safety and medical inspection systems

These products do not have to be placed under quarantine, since they are fabricated using heat and pressure processes recommended by the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15. In addition, they are not subject to mould, thanks to their total drying process. They are also injury-free, due to the absence of nails and other projectiles.